Meow Cat Cafe

So I found this interesting cafe as I was surfing the internet last week looking for an interesting place my friend and I would go to in Toronto, that’s when I found about Meow Cat Cafe. Which is an adorable kitty cafe run by a mother-daughter team it is clean, quiet, bright, and traditionally Korean in its operation style.

There’s no entrance fee, but you have to buy a coffee to play with the cats. Which is technically fair for the owners. But the drinks were nice & arrived quickly and the cats were great. All cats looked well looked after and they were very playful & most were very friendly. They lounged around, but also played cat soccer with a ping pong ball. 🙂

In general, I love the concept of a cat cafe where people can come and play with the cats. It’s great if you need to destress or have had a bad day/week. Or you may not be able to have a cat yourself but love cats (I have two but still love to cuddle with all the cats in the world). This gives you a place to go to be with them.

Here is the address if you’re thinking about dropping in, it’s a great place for kids also to have fun with the cats.

Meow Cat Cafe:

556 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S 2M6

(647) 560-6272

I found this place via blogTO which is a blog dedicated to Toronto’s local news, restaurant reviews, event listings and much more. It’s a great blog to help you explore Toronto and find out about everything new to the city.


Featured image here


  1. Have you heard of the cafés in Japan? They have owl, dog, hedgehog and other types of animal cafés too. Not sure how relaxing an owl café would be though, from what I’ve seen you get special gloves to hold them with so they don’t scratch you!

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