Hello.. 💡

I feel really weird about blogging, in a good way though. It’s my first time doing such activity although I love to read and go through blogs (mostly about health and beauty), but I’m really super duper excited to start my own!
Soooo, my name is Hanin and I’m 24 years old (soon to be 25💃). I’m from Saudi Arabia. Stuff that I like to do are exercising and cooking healthy and new dishes, I have two cats Memow 💙 and Minnie 💗 and I just ADORE them so freaking much!
I came to Canada to get my Diploma in Business Administration. Hopefully, this is my last semester and I’ll get to go home 🏡.
Something I really love to do is listening to Spanish music and try to read and understand the lyrics, my family owns a house in Madrid, Spain and we spend the summer there now and then. So I try to improve my Spanish as possible as I can, plus this language is ear candy to me. 🇪🇸
Here are 10 random facts about me cause I really don’t know what else to talk about lol:
1. I’m an Aquarius. ♒️
2. My favourite colour is white. ⚪️
3. I prefer tea over coffee. 🍵
4. I hate seafood. 🐟
5. My favourite fruit is watermelon. 🍉
6. My lucky numbers are: 3, 9 and 11. 🙏🏾
7. I can’t do anything without turning the music on. 🎵
8. I sleep only on my tummy. 💤
9. I love the moon so much I can gaze at it all night long. 🌚
10. I wish I could be a pro ninja for a day. 😎

And that’s pretty much me.
Hope to see you soon.

Hanin 🌙



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